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Hiking the Pueblos

I’m heading out in a couple of weeks to hike the high desert trail across the Pueblo Mountains in SE Oregon.  I’ll stay at the Fields Motel before and after the hike, which I expect to take three days.  Haven’t decided which direction to go…probably will depend on the easiest way to get a return […]

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Going clamming on Memorial Day Weekend

I’m heading out to Waldport today to spend a few days with friends while we chase clams in Newport Bay.  Looks like four great tides.  Hoping to get a bunch of gapers and maybe some razors as well.  Not too many chukars in the area but you take what you can get. Pat  

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How to see wildlife

How to See Wild Animals ©2012 by Pat Wray Bill Barker’s nice October 4 column about stalking wild game made me think about the first step in the process—that of seeing animals to begin with. Most people don’t realize that the activity we refer to as ‘seeing’ an animal is actually a two-stage process. Looking […]

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Hunting Chukars with Horses

        Hunting Chukars with Horses ©2012 by Pat Wray   “It will be exciting, Dad.  A real adventure!” I was overwhelmed by a sense of déjà vu when I heard those words from my son, Corky.  As a younger man, I often used a similar message to talk friends into doing things […]

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Well, it’s been a while.  I headed over to the John Day on my last hunt, back in mid-December.  Two friends and I stayed in Fossil, then hunted east of Fossil, near Service Creek and near Twickenham.  I actually only participated on the last day; I came down with the flu on the first day […]

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You Get What You Pay…and Pay…and Pay for

        You Get What You Pay, and Pay, and Pay For ©2012 by Pat Wray   “You get what you pay for, so buy the best you can afford.” It’s great advice but I can remember many times when the best I could afford simply wasn’t very good.  Unfortunately, my marginal financial […]

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Comfortable in My Own Skin…and Other Useless Phrases

        Comfortable in My Own Skin…and Other Useless Phrases ©2012 by Pat Wray   There are times when I feel just slightly out of phase in the modern world.  I’d like to blame it on the rapid technological advances that have taken place in the last decade or two, but the truth […]

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Heading out to SE Oregon

I’m heading out tomorrow to Fields, to try my luck in the Pueblos and the Steens.  I had initially planned to hunt out of McDermitt but the fires that decimated the Trout Creeks this summer made me change my mind.  Don’t know what to expect as I haven’t heard much yet from that part of […]

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It’s Opening Day and I’m Not There

Somewhere along the line I became hardwired to chukars.  This is not to say that I start hunting on Opening Day…I rarely do.  It’s just that I am acutely aware of the season’s beginning.  Of course, I’m also aware of the time when chicks are likely to be born, when they might switch their diet […]

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Status of the birds as we approach Opening Day

Well, I’m not too sure what to expect.  After an easy winter and a wonderful, mild spring I was ready for record numbers of birds.  But the summer has dragged on forever and in many places the green-up has long been rank and brown.  It’s a lot like a drought and nothing knocks back chukars […]

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