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Reloading Cartridges…and a Life

          Reloading Cartridges…and a Life ©2008 by Pat Wray   I walk into my shop from the side door and flip on the lights.  A dull, low-pitched rumbling sound emanates from across the floor.  I walk directly toward the turning tumbler, unplug it, remove the cylindrical container and empty its contents […]

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Outdoor Mysteries

Can You Solve These Outdoor Mysteries? ©2010 by Pat Wray   As much as I hated the school-sanctioned cruelty my teachers referred to as pop quizzes, it occurs to me that every time I venture into the outdoors I notice something I don’t understand—something I don’t know—very much like the pop quizzes of my youth.  […]

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Man Caves

Man-Caves…Binky and Duff Style ©2011 by Pat Wray   “You call this a man-cave?” Duff asked with a smirk. Duff’s aggressive tone unsettled Binky, who was not prepared for a grilling from his older brother.  He was just showing Duff the new home he and Annie had recently purchased.  It didn’t help that Binky’s synaptic […]

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Military Stuff

A New Age Approach to the Past ©2010 by Pat Wray   Brent tightened the cinch on his saddle horse. “Ready when you are,” he called across the pack string to his father. “OK.  Sure you don’t want to use one of my ponchos?  Likely to rain on the way.” “No, Dad,” with more than […]

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It’s a Conspiracy

It’s a Conspiracy; No Question About it ©2009 by Pat Wray   Red looked up from the remains of his biscuits and gravy.  “Well, boys, it’s time to start thinking about this year’s elk hunting trip.  We’ve got to decide when to head out.” The ‘boys’ were in the only circular booth in the Rimrock […]

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A Versatile Hunting Dog

A Versatile Hunting Dog ©2012 by Pat Wray   “She’s a versatile hunting dog, Deb,” I explained to my wife over the phone.  I was becoming fairly certain that this was a conversation I should be having in person.  Perhaps it was not a good idea to have notified my wife of my purchase of […]

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        Ashes             ©2001 by Pat Wray             Keith topped the rise and once again, the view took his breath away.  The rocky basin below held one of the prettiest lakes in the country and though he was still a mile away Keith imagined that each of the sparkles came from a rising trout. […]

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Asking Permission

  Asking Permission © 2003 by Pat Wray   Have you ever thought about the number of times each day we ask permission?  Sometimes we ask as part of our jobs. “May I help you?”  “May I take your order?” Sometimes it is part of our social interaction.  “May I have this dance?” Under most […]

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I am not anal…and I can prove it

Reasonable Attention to Detail © 2002 by Pat Wray   I do not have an anal-retentive personality, no matter what my family and hunting partners may say.  If necessary, I can easily put together a list of arguments to prove it. They think I’m a nitpicker.  They are wrong.  I am meticulous.  I like for […]

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A Good Tick Day

A Good Tick Day ©2005 by Pat Wray             My first spring bear hunt was shaping up to be the kind of experience I’d want to repeat every year from now on. The grass was fully green, flowers were budding, tamaracks were coming out of their fake winter deaths and needling up, birds were singing […]

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