Hiking the Pueblos

I’m heading out in a couple of weeks to hike the high desert trail across the Pueblo Mountains in SE Oregon.  I’ll stay at the Fields Motel before and after the hike, which I expect to take three days.  Haven’t decided which direction to go…probably will depend on the easiest way to get a return ride.  I was going with my friend Bob Reinhard but he fell down and broke himself while trying to protect his granddaughter, so I’m going alone.  This alone stuff has been a continuing source of difficulty between me and my wife, who tends to think I should always go with someone.  I disagree.  I’ll take my chances.  However, in order to assuage her fears somewhat, I recently purchased an ACR 375 Personal Locator Beacon.  Was more than I wanted to spend but the negative reviews about the SPOT Beacon (not to mention the $100 plus annual fee) convinced me to go a step higher.  I haven’t received it yet, but am looking forward to it.  I’m interested in any personal anecdotes or perspectives.



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