Heading out to SE Oregon

I’m heading out tomorrow to Fields, to try my luck in the Pueblos and the Steens.  I had initially planned to hunt out of McDermitt but the fires that decimated the Trout Creeks this summer made me change my mind.  Don’t know what to expect as I haven’t heard much yet from that part of the world.    My experience thus far has been spotty, which corresponds to most of what I’ve heard.  Some folks seem to have really wandered into great numbers of birds, while others have been lucky to find a covey or three each day.

Seems safe to say that we didn’t get the explosion of population we were hoping for.  2012 is definitely not a return to the glory days…but there are enough birds to keep us optimistic and widely scattered enough to keep us on the move.  It’s a good thing I truly love covering ground, because thus far this doesn’t seem like a season to focus on limiting out.

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  1. 5chukar November 24, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    Chukar hunting, Pine Forest Range
    Pat, next week, I am headed south from Fields, across the border by Denio Junction to the Pine Forest Range in Nevada. Reports from my friend in October were not favorable as birds were scarce. But I will give it another try. I hope you did well in the Steens and Pueblos. I never told you how much I enjoyed your book that I got year’s ago. Enjoy pulling it out every year. Get’s you going for the new season. I will update you on my hunt.

    • Dustin February 3, 2013 at 8:40 am #

      Well I am a Nevada resident and made a couple of trips up north by McDermitt this year. Birds were widely scattered but concentrated under the conditions we received late. All in all probably a good idea not to have been in the Montana’s Santa Rosas or pine forest before Christmas. After was a different story. All in all a tuff year. Thank god for a experienced bird dog or I don’t think I would have pulled the trigger much.

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