Just back from Alaska and headed out after elk

Well, there are times when it’s damn hard to fit real life in between the hunting and fishing trips. I’m just back from three weeks in Alaska, having stretched a four-day outdoor writers conference into a three-week RV journey with my wife. We flew into Anchorage, rented the RV and headed south to the Kenai Peninsula. We camped on the Russian River and attempted to grab silvers out from between the zillions of very worn out sockeyes. The locals were far more effective at it than I but I hooked up enough to develop a pretty painful case of carpel tunnel syndrome. Never thought I would have to stop fishing due to arm pain but then I’ve never caught so many large fish on a fly rod. Hired a guide to go trout fishing on the upper Kenai and it was a hoot. My wife caught some fine trout and I caught the two largest rainbows of my life. They were quite the deal.
Fish were not even the most exciting part of the Russian River experience. There were a bunch of grizzlies. My wife has always been a little worried about bears, so when one popped up about 40 yards behind us on the trail our hearts went pitty pat. Half an hour later I was putting lunch on the picnic table when a griz walked into camp. Decided pretty quickly to eat in the RV, but that sort of set the stage for my wife’s Alaska visit. She was, to say the least, pretty careful from then on.
I’m headed out on Sunday to go bow hunting. Got to do something to stay busy before chukar season.

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  1. David September 15, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    Pat, Sounds like great fun. Carpel tunnel from catching fish!

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