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        Ashes             ©2001 by Pat Wray             Keith topped the rise and once again, the view took his breath away.  The rocky basin below held one of the prettiest lakes in the country and though he was still a mile away Keith imagined that each of the sparkles came from a rising trout. […]

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Asking Permission

  Asking Permission © 2003 by Pat Wray   Have you ever thought about the number of times each day we ask permission?  Sometimes we ask as part of our jobs. “May I help you?”  “May I take your order?” Sometimes it is part of our social interaction.  “May I have this dance?” Under most […]

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I am not anal…and I can prove it

Reasonable Attention to Detail © 2002 by Pat Wray   I do not have an anal-retentive personality, no matter what my family and hunting partners may say.  If necessary, I can easily put together a list of arguments to prove it. They think I’m a nitpicker.  They are wrong.  I am meticulous.  I like for […]

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A Good Tick Day

A Good Tick Day ©2005 by Pat Wray             My first spring bear hunt was shaping up to be the kind of experience I’d want to repeat every year from now on. The grass was fully green, flowers were budding, tamaracks were coming out of their fake winter deaths and needling up, birds were singing […]

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A Beginning and an End

A Beginning and an End ©2008 by Pat Wray   Two girls, one eight years old and just beginning her life.  She is flushed with the excitement of her first chukar hunt.  The other, a doddering old lady at 12, shivering with cold and with anticipation of her very last hunt. It seems right, almost […]

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